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Aa.Vv. - Pop Punk Loves You (Cd 2009)
  • Aa.Vv. - Pop Punk Loves You (Cd 2009)

Aa.Vv. - Pop Punk Loves You (Cd 2009)

8,20 €
Consegna 5-7 Giorni Lavorativi

Etichetta:Wynona Records ‎– WR10

Formato:CD, Compilation




Stile:Punk, Pop Punk



1 –Rufio Above Me

2 –Lawrence Arms* Porno And Snuff Films

3 –Travoltas One For The Road

4 –Cadillac Blindside Cheap Entertainment

5 –Midtown Just Rock'n'Roll

6 –Strung Out Alien Amplifier

7 –Over It Wrong Way

8 –Useless ID No Time For Me To Be A Teenager

9 –Donots Superhero

10 –Staring Back Version 2.0

11 –Counterfit This Dance

12 –Stinking Polecats Lipstick

13 –The Queers I Never Got The Girl

14 –Rise Against Six Ways Til Sunday

15 –Fairlanes Beautiful Ride

16 –Yum Yums Boogie Fever

17 –Satanic Surfers Thoughts, Words, Action

18 –Huntingtons Rock 'n' Roll Girl

19 –Stereotyperider I Never Want To Rest

20 –Forty Winks Red Phone Box

21 –Groovie Ghoulies Sleeping Beauty

22 –Gamits Take It On Run

23 –A Radio With Guts Bloodletter

24 –Masked Animals Not My Bad

25 –Tuesday My Mess


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